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What You May Want to Know About Maine

The occupants of Maine settled I the state many years back. The history of this particular state dates back before the historic pyramids of Egypt. The state came about as a result of hunters who settled there and made the place a home. This article will state some interesting facts a bit the state that you may want to know. You can also find out more information from the historical books.

One of the facts you may any to know is that Mine has lots of Lobsters. That makes the state the leading supplier of Lobsters in the United States. Besides being the leading supplier of lobsters, it also happens that its lobsters are the best in the world. because of the rocky marine environment and ideal water temperatures, it has made it possible for the lobsters from this region to have large fleshy claws whose meat is the sweetest. many of the restaurants on the coastal area are famous for sweet lobsters and many visitors love the eat that when they visits.

Something else that you may want to now is that the place is full of beautiful beaches. That is why the state is nicknamed Vacationland. The state has a very long coastal area as it has only one neighboring state. Many of the coastal areas are full of white sand. Acadia national park which is in this state is the second largest visited national park in United States. The state is in the North Eastern part of America. That has given it some important advantages. One of the advantages is that Eastport is considered as the first place where the sun rays touch first in the entire USA.

You may also be interesting to now that Stephen King the honor novelist was born, raised and still lives in this Maine. There is a lot that you can learn about this state from various website available online. For more information about the Maine filming activities, read more about it in the right sites.

You may also find it interesting to learn about their weird laws. One of the most interesting one them all is that you can be punished for leaving your Christmas decoration after January 14. Because of the heavy snow, most of the snow activities were discovered here. There are other things also that make the state famous like the fact that Portland born Hanson Gregory is the one who made the doughnut the way it is today. If you want to get more info about the state, you can learn more travel tips and begin planning your trip today.