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Women’s Softball: Celebrating Another Year Of UCLA Softball

Learn about this year’s softball season, under the wing of the Women’s College World Series or WCWS, the UCLA Bruins softball team fought hard as they maneuvered their way the top, however sadly, they were not able to win, continue to read more about the details below.

Find out about the highlights of the season and its downfalls, check it out below!

Comeback after comeback, this season The Bruins softball team proved that no matter what happens there is still room for improvement as well as there is still a chance to win the game. The Bruins showed the world that there is still room to win if you decide to fight and that is why by all means they won, garnering third place in the WCWS ranking their performance showed determination despite all the circumstances.

It only goes to show that determination is the key matched with the power to endure all obstacles is an asset every team should possess as this will propel them to the victory they desired.

This year’s game was dominated by no other than Rachel Garcia, the woman is fierce when it comes to being both pitcher and hitter, her performance made her win several awards which includes being ESPNW’s National Player of the Year. She helped in belting The Bruins record of 29-4 this year was incredible and an even astounding fact is that Garcia is only a sophomore. Garcia only proved that she is worthy of all the recognition she is getting and there would be more of that in the future games.

There are quite a few problems in along the games wherein The Bruins MVP Rachel Garcia step out in the early earnings leading the UCLA to its final loss, they are still able to reach third place.

It might not have been smooth sailing but of course nothing worth it comes easy and because of Rachel Garcia’s outstanding skills and Kelly Inouye-Perez’s exemplary leadership, The Bruins were able to place, it is a clear sign that there will be a great future ahead of this team.

It is undeniable that good players are missed, however, seniors have to leave and there is no stopping them, The Bruins’ Selina Ta’amillo and Johanna Grauer are those seniors who would forever leave their legacies in the softball world forever. If one leaves, another arrives, that would leave us guessing who are the new talents The Bruins will recruit next for another victorious game.

There is more to look forward to in next year’s games, there would be new recruits as well as improvements from the team and hopefully The Bruins will finally be getting the top place.