What Does Craniosynostosis Mean?

Craniosynostosis is when the bones in a baby’s skull bone grow together prematurely, which then results in complications with pressure and the growth of their brain. It can affect the way their little heads are shaped and cause problems with brain growth.

There are four types of this condition, they are:

Sagittal Synostosis-which is the condition that is most common within the four types and averages almost half of all cases. This type runs the length of the top and center part of the skull bone ending at the top, back part of the skull (Scaphocephaly). It usually causes the head to be shaped as long and narrower and affects the baby’s brain from being able to form and develop. It also can slow down or stop the growth of the skull in that area.

Coronal Synostosis-this is the next most common type of Craniosynostosis, which is on either side of the skull and meets at the top of the baby’s head. This causes the baby’s skull to have more of a flattened look at the forehead usually more on one side or the other, whichever side closed prematurely. It can affect the baby’s eye socket and bone to be heightened and the nose to be pulled to the side that closed early. When both sides of the skull bone close prematurely, it is called Bicorporal, and will cause the head/skull to be wide and shortened (brachycephaly).

Metopic Synostosis-this type runs from the nose on the front of the face to the top of the head where the soft spot is. This causes the skull to form a triangle shape, which is small in the front and wider in the back (Trigonocephaly). This is a very rare form of Craniosynostosis.

Lambdoid Synostosis-this is when the back of the skull closes prematurely, which causes the back of the skull to be flat (Posterior Plagiocephaly). This is the rarest form of the four types of Craniosynostosis.

There are many variations within these four types of Craniosynostosis, depending on where the skull had prematurely closed, at which stage they closed at, and how much the growth of the brain is affected. These are all conditions that are very serious and need to be addressed immediately, if not, there are all kinds of problems that can result. Here are some complications of craniosynostosis nyc which include steady pressure being put on their brain, their head not being shaped properly, being blind, their brain being damaged and seizures. The longer this condition goes on, the worse the situation can become, in some cases it cannot be fixed or reversed. However, if diagnosed in time, this problem can be fixed with surgery, some less severe situations heal themselves over time. Statistics show that on average, one in every twenty-five hundred babies that end up living, will be born with some form of Craniosynostosis.

Medical Science, as of yet, has not figured out what causes this birth defect in babies. They believe it could be caused by a single gene being irregular, but in other cases being caused by problems within several genes, as well as other contributors. It could possibly have to do with what the mom ate and drank during the pregnancy, things in the environment, or even possibly some of the medications that were taken during pregnancy.