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How to Survive Financially When Sickness Comes

Every time too ill to work, you’ll likely be receiving statutory sick pay.Though this can be useful, it’s often insufficient for you to live on, especially for an extended stretch of time. Good thing there are many other kinds of help that can enable you to get by financially when illness strikes.


As a safeguard, you could look into taking out sick pay insurance from a company a reputable provider. This can help you with the bills during the period you are sick.If you are self-employed with no sick pay, this can be an excellent form of financial security. This may not be much if you’re already sick and in need of moreliquid funding, but the idea hereis to prepare for the future.

Rights Awareness

Aside from sick pay, you could be legally entitled to receive other funding like disability benefits for specific chronic conditions. You should also look into legal compensation if you were hurt in an accident that was obviously somebody else’s fault. You will find lots of solicitors out there working with thesetypes of claims. This compensation can help fund time you spend outside work and even for medication.

Online Income

If you’re not that ill and you can still use a phone or a computer, you can explore small ways of earning cash through the Internet.For example, join online survey sites or if you can write and create graphics, you will find plenty of freelance opportunities as well.Most of jobs may be done in your own time and in your own home, and aren’t physically demanding.

Selling for Cash

Try digging into your clutter (unless you’re too ill to do even this) and you might just find some things that you can sell to make a little extra money.You might be able to salvage things of value that local folks will buy through certain websites, but be sure to arrange it for pick up so you don’t have to leave your home.You may even be able to make money from old furniture or old electronics.Just see what you have and be decisive.


If you’re dealing with serious financial issues, you can check if you are eligible to receive financial assistance from any local charity.There are lots of charities that give help to those who are ill with no support or people who only make up to a certain level of income.If you’ve been hesitant to do this because of pride, it’s about time to humble yourself.

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