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What You Need to Know about the Smartest Dog Breeds

190 dog breeds are considered to be excellent companions especially because of how intelligent they are. Some of the dog breeds are considered to be way smarter than others and they would be great to have. By reading this article, you will be able to understand more about these dog breeds and why you should be taking them. One of the best dog breeds that you should now be interested in is the Shiba Inu, it’s considered to be great in terms of its quality. The personality of the Shiba Inu is usually great and in addition to that, it also has a very big and fluffy coat that makes it look perfect. However, the problem is that many of the dog breed owners that have the Shiba Inu do not realize how intelligent it is. Because of this intelligence, the Shiba Inu can become very difficult especially during the time when you want to train them because they simply will not do anything they do not want to do. When you’re doing the training of the Shiba Inu therefore, you always have to ensure that you are not making them feel like they are in control because then, the training will become very difficult.

Another perfect dog breed that has become very loved by many people is the golden retriever especially because of its qualities. Golden retrievers are considered to be some of the most loyal dogs and therefore, you’re going to have a great time when you hang out with them. However, many of the owners or many of the people that have these kinds of dogs do not realize how smart they are and that is something that is overlooked. The Golden retrievers as the name suggests are very good retrievers because of the fact that they are descendents of a dog breed that was known as being a hunter. this is the main reason why many people usually find the golden retriever to be great and they have a very long history with human beings. You will also not be surprised to see the German Shepherd on this list because of the qualities they have. The qualities of the German Shepherd usually differentiated from many other dogs and that’s why, it is a favorite for very many people.

German shepherds are considered to be some of the best dogs and that is why they are used by the police because of the fact that they are very loyal, very kind and also very intelligent.

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