Tips for Your Upcoming Foot Surgery

If you are having surgery for a foot problem, there are several things that you can do to prepare yourself for that surgery, and your recovery time. Making sure that everything is prepared before you come home, and making sure that you have a plan in place is imperative to make sure that your foot surgery goes well. The better prepared you are, the smoother your recovery will be.

Prior to the Surgery

Depending on the type of surgery you are having, you could be out of work from a couple of weeks to several months. Make sure that you speak at length to your foot surgeon indianola ia as he or she can tell you exactly how much time you can expect to be out of work. In some cases, you may underestimate your recovery time, and think that your doctor is wrong. It is important to go by the recommended recovery time so that you are allowed to heal. Let your work know about your surgery. See if you can work with them about the time that you will have to take off. Many companies allow for medical absences, but you will need to speak to your place of employment to see their policies.

Preparing Beforehand

One of the most important things that you can do is to prepare for your surgery beforehand. You should consider getting some easy to eat foods so that you do not have to do a lot of work to make them, enlist the help of anyone that will help, get movies and books, and prepare your home by moving objects closer to where you will be spending most of your recovery. You should also consider installing handlebars in your bathroom so that you can take a shower easily.

It is a good idea to pick one spot in the house and make that your post for your recovery. Have things like your computer, telephone, and TV close by. Remember to have somewhere where you can elevate your feet. Make sure that this post is somewhat close to your bathroom, so you have ease of access. Remember to keep things like pain medication, and any other type of medication close by. The closer that you have things in your central spot the less effort you will have to put out. All of your efforts need to be focused on healing your foot.

Another thing that you may want to consider is getting a Temporary Handicap Placard. This will allow you to park in handicap areas while you are recovering. When you are letting your foot heal, you may be in a wheelchair, scooter, walker or crutches. It generally takes a couple of weeks to process the application, so make sure that you put the application in well before your surgery.

Doing the tips above will allow you to have a smoother recovery time. Allowing yourself time to heal will ensure that your foot issue does not return. And you will ensure that you will be back to your normal self as soon as possible.