Why Careers Aren’t As Bad As You Think

All That You Need to Know Regarding Life of Ben

Ever since he was a child, Ben always desired to be a doctor. For one to obtain a good education, they need to have the money to cater for the tuition fees, and that is the same thing that Ben faced since the family was poor and he could also not access the students loans that would assist him. With the lack of fees and access to student loans, that did not stop Ben from following his dreams since always wanted to be a successful guy. Whenever you met with Ben, you would notice that he is smart and happy. Apart from being happy and smart, Ben was also sympathetic especially when he saw dead animals by the roadside. In some instances, he would try to treat these injured animals when he found them. He was also a scout, and he was an excellent first-aid provider, and that is what made him join other tasks.

When one day his father asked him what he wants to be, Ben said that he wants to be a doctor. There was little that Ben’s father could do because they did not have enough money. The guidance counselor then recommended to Ben to be a psychologist because of his ability to empathize with all living beings. Ben was still determined to be a doctor, and that is why he opted to search for trade schools through the internet, and this is where he learn more and discovered more. Ben was the one who cleaned ovens, cut grass and also shoveled snow while he was enrolled in a trade school. After sometime, he had enough money that he could use to pay for his education. He was ready to start working after he was through with his certificate program.

Ben achieved his certification which was to be a medical assistant and this is the career which he thought would be best for him. Getting raises and saving money enabled Ben to set aside some money for his parents rent and he was also involved in assisting with house chores. Ben always kept his eyes open while he was working and he looked for more opportunities. Ben enrolled for a part-time course so that he could get more opportunities. Every detail of Ben’s life he documented it through the use of a blog.

Lake decided to trade a car so that Ben could get out of debt and this is because they wanted to be together. Performing two tasks as a medical assistant and a medical coder were two tasks that were overwhelming Ben, and that is why he later decided that he can continue running his blog because it was making him earn the same amount of money with the two jobs that he had.